Making Work Pay across Gloucestershire

In recent months, the Government has continued the successful roll out of Universal Credit across the country. Universal Credit is a new benefits system designed to simplify the structure and make work pay, and the Forest of Dean has been using the new system since May 2015.

Our Plan is Working

Recent figures released by the independent Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that employment in the UK has reached its highest rate on record, at 74.4%, with 31.7 million people now in work, up 624,000 in the past year and 2.6 million since 2010.

It’s a Recess, Not a Holiday

Parliament is now in recess until the start of September. Regardless of what you may read in some national newspapers, this period is not a holiday for MPs. We still have plenty of work to do!

A new Government

Last week, David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister after six years in the role. In that time, he led a Government (of which I was proud to be a part) which took our economy from the biggest crash in recent memory to the fastest growing in the G8.

Keeping our country safe

In recent weeks, the impact of the result of the EU referendum has dominated the media. However, the business of Government continues. The first priority of any government is national security, and this Government will continue to ensure that the UK and its vital interests are protected.

The EU Referendum result

On 23rd June, we saw one of the biggest democratic exercises in our history. We should be proud that across the country more than 33 million people had their say on a question of this magnitude. I supported a Remain vote, as I made clear in this column two weeks ago.

EU Referendum

This Thursday, 23rd June, our country will have its first chance in over 40 years to vote on our membership of the European Union – promised and delivered by this Conservative Government.

Improving child social care

This Government believes that every child, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. That is why we are proposing broad-ranging and far-reaching reforms to the children and social care system.