Parliament Week

This week is UK Parliament Week, a nationwide event that encourages people from across the country, especially younger people, to be able to access Parliament and learn about the role of democracy and why it is so important.

Starting in 2011, this event is now into its eighth year, and is gaining more support each year. Last year, Parliament Week brought together over 360,000 people, with over 4,500 events taking place nationwide. This year’s event will see over 500,000 people involved with over 7,000 different projects and events taking place.

This is encouraging news as it demonstrates a growing interest in Parliament and awareness of our democratic process as well as potentially increasing participation in the future.                                         

Parliament Week is a part of Parliament’s Vote 100 campaign, which celebrates the many successes in the UK’s democratic history, such as the 1918 Representation of the People Act which allowed women (over the age of 30 years) and men (over the age of 21) to vote. 100 years on from this occasion a record high number of women in Parliament was recorded (in 2017) as 32% of MPs were women.            

As the Co-Chair of Women2Win, the campaign to elect more Conservative women to Parliament, I have been able to help encourage, identify and train women to become the best possible candidates for public office. However, although we have made great progress, more needs to be done to ensure there is greater diversity and greater representation in our Parliament.

It is vital that children and young adults are informed about the UK’s parliamentary system. By drawing younger people into politics and Parliament, it will lead to increased participation on local and national issues which will, in turn, increase representation. This will allow the Government to gauge support for certain policies and will allow them to ensure that the views of voters across the country are being fully represented.                       

I hope that all of my constituents get involved in UK Parliament Week and can find further information by visiting and signing up on