Our plan for the Forest of Dean

As we approach the District Council elections on 2nd May, I would like to take this opportunity to set out our plan for the Forest of Dean.

First, Conservatives will invest in better and safer roads. Our councillors will continue to invest in roads making travel smoother with less congestion – and making sure that all road users feel safe on local roads.

Second, Conservative councillors will grow the local economy to create jobs and better facilities –boosting development in Lydney Docks, Cinderford Northern Quarter and Five Acres Coleford. Our team will work with partners throughout the district to help town and village businesses adapt to changing retail spending patterns.

Third, Conservatives will seek fast broadband for the whole community and push for better mobile network coverage.

And finally, Conservative councillors will keep council tax as low as possible, only taking from residents what is necessary to deliver better facilities and essential services - so that people can keep more of their hard-earned money.

A Conservative council will build a brighter future for young people. Our team will work tirelessly with partners, schools and colleges to ensure that children have the best opportunity to learn and develop skills and confidence. On top of this, Conservatives will help protect the heritage, landscape and ecology of the Forest of Dean, including promoting steps to reduce carbon emissions so that our young people have a nicer environment to grow up in. To that end, Conservative councillors will work with the County Council and retailers to end landfill use in Gloucestershire, reduce product packaging and improve the reuse and recycling of waste products.

What’s more, Conservatives will help build an active and healthy community for everyone. Our councillors will support local activities and help foster community resilience in areas such as loneliness and dementia - ensuring a higher quality of life for everyone living in the Forest of Dean.

From broadband to recycling, roads to tax – councils run the services that affect people’s day-to-day lives. So on the 2nd May, you will have your chance to vote for a brighter future for young people and a better supported community for all.