Mark Harper MP debating the Lords' EU nationals amendment to the Article 50 Bill

On 13th March 2017, the House of Commons debated the Lords amendments to the Article 50 (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. 

I spoke to both amendments during the debate. On EU nationals, I spoke about how the Government could be more generous to those EU nationals who are living in the UK legally, but I also raised the point that 4,222 (correct as of May 2016) EU nationals currently reside in UK prisons. The blanket guarantee the Lords amendment would have provided would only have made the process of removing these criminals harder.

You can watch my comments in this debate in the video above.

Both amendments were defeated, and the bill received Royal Assent on Thursday 16th March. The Government is now free to trigger Article 50 and begin the process of leaving the European Union, acting on the decision of the British people last year.