Debating the Queen's Speech

Over the past week, Parliament has been debating the Queen’s Speech, the Government’s programme of legislation for the coming parliamentary session.

During this debate, I spoke on the Government’s record on the economy since taking office in 2010. The Opposition like to think that the Government’s policy of living within our means has not worked, but there is ample evidence to demonstrate the opposite.

Since 2010, of the G7 countries, the United Kingdom’s growth has been second only to that of the United States, growing almost twice as fast as our nearest neighbour, France. There are currently more people in work than ever before, with 3 million more people in work now compared to 2010, outperforming our friends in the G7, the OECD and the Eurozone. Youth unemployment is down six percentage points in that time, while in the Eurozone it has increased. Our economic record is one to be proud of, and perhaps is something we should have made more of during the General Election campaign.

Parliament will vote on the final Queen’s Speech this evening, after which the Government and Parliament will get to work on delivering a Brexit in the national interest.

You can watch my speech during the Queen’s Speech debate in the YouTube video above.