Hartpury College football grant

I welcome the announcement that Hartpury College has been awarded a £340,162 grant by the Football Foundation. This grant will mean that Hartpury College can replace and extend their floodlit artificial grass pitch.

Tewkesbury Growth Hub visit

I had the pleasure of visiting the new Tewkesbury Growth Hub based within Tewkesbury Borough Council’s (TBC) main office. I am pictured here with the TBC Chief Executive, Mike Dawson and Janina Neumann who runs her own dual language design company from the Growth Hub.

Moving forwards

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who supported me in my campaign to become the next Leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party.

Five Acres

In light of the recent news concerning Five Acres, I though my constituents would appreciate an update on the situation.

Solving our Regional Housing Crisis

(This article was originally published in The Times Red Box, 19 February 2018)

As a recent series of articles in The Times highlighted, housing is one of the big challenges facing the country. There are three areas which the government should address as it develops its housing policy.

Delivering Brexit

I thought it would be helpful to set out why, despite its faults, I voted for the Cabinet’s Withdrawal Agreement on Friday 29th March. 

Record high employment levels

Recent figures released by the independent Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that employment in the UK continues to be at its highest rate on record, at 76.1%, with over 32.7 million people now in work, up 354,000 in the past year and up by 3.65 million since 2010.

Safeguarding animal welfare

This week, new legislation to end puppy and kitten farming was introduced in Parliament. Known as ‘Lucy’s Law’, it will ban the sale of kittens and puppies from third parties from spring 2020, making buyers deal with breeders directly.

Fighting Climate Change

To watch my video on how we can help combat climate change, click here.


Climate change is one of the most serious long-term threats that this country and this world faces, and has been at the top of the news agenda in recent weeks.