Five Acres Site update

Very pleased to see that the Forest of Dean District Council have been approved to acquire the Five Acres site.

Location found for new community hospital

I welcome today’s announcement of the location for our new £11 million community hospital in the Forest of Dean, which will be built off Steam Mills Road in Cinderford.

Fibre broadband rollout

The rollout of Fibre broadband to the premises continues in the Forest of Dean and thanks to the partnership between Fastershire and Gigaclear - Ultrafast Fibre Broadband, I was pleased to see the latest cabinet being unveiled in Tibberton.

Getting Brexit done

Conservatives have used last week’s Party Conference to set out a positive vision for the UK after Brexit. This realises the opportunities of leaving the EU to strengthen our NHS with increased frontline spending, raise funding for schools, and tackle crime. 

Mark speaks in a Westminster Hall debate on Climate Change

Now that the Government has legislated for a Net Zero carbon target, Mark makes the point that now the challenge is for the Government to deliver the detailed policy work and promote the technical innovation needed to get us to that target.

Walk for a Cause with Pudsey Bear

This Sunday, 6th October, the Newent and District Rotary Club are organising a ‘Walk for a Cause with Pudsey Bear’.

Conservative Party Conference 2019

This week, the Conservative Party held our annual Party Conference in Manchester, setting out how the Government will continue to strengthen our economy and create opportunity for all.

Meeting with Charlie’s

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with Charlie’s, a community group set-up to benefit the Health & Wellbeing of anyone affected by Cancer, at any stage.

Good news for Lydney Harbour

I am really pleased that Lydney is to receive £2.1 million of taxpayers’ money from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund. 

The Destination Lydney Harbour project is set to create 270 jobs, improve transport connections to the town and increase visitor numbers.