Heathrow decision is best for the South West and for the country

Earlier this week, the Government announced its approval of the expansion of Heathrow Airport, with the addition of a third runway. I am pleased that the Government has tackled what has proven to be a very difficult decision so directly. 

The expansion of Heathrow is needed to continue to support our growing economy, benefiting the entire country, including the South West. With more than 5.5 million people living in the South West of England, connectivity must be at the fore of the Government's planning, and any decision to expand Heathrow must be met with the appropriate decision to improve transport links that connect Heathrow with the South West and the Forest of Dean. With a wealth of important businesses spanning a range of sectors, it is economically imperative that the region does not miss out. 

On Tuesday, the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, made a statement to the House of Commons confirming the Government's decision to expand Heathrow. I asked him to make sure that the South West gets appropriate connections to and from Heathrow, but also the transport links needed to make sure my constituents and others are able to the airport easily. You can see my question in the video below.