Gloucestershire’s Future

In the Forest of Dean, 8 out of 9 Gloucestershire County Councillors are Conservatives, and I work closely with all of our local County Councillors to get positive outcomes for my constituents.

The top priority in our manifesto at last year’s County Council elections was to deliver £150 million of improvements for Gloucestershire’s roads.

Recent examples of this promise being delivered include the resurfacing of the A48 through Minsterworth, the upgrading of the Mile End crossroads near Coleford and the £2.75 million improvement scheme at the Over roundabout which was recently completed.

Throughout November, the team at Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) have been travelling around the county with a series of public roadshows to talk to residents about their ambitions for the years ahead.

Last Friday, I visited their roadshow in Cinderford to learn more about GCC’s plans for the future.

Their plan, Looking to the Future, sets out what GCC will do to support improved outcomes and quality of life for every community and business across Gloucestershire.

Some of the plans included making sure children have access to good quality schools across the county and designing an adult social care system that helps people stay independent and support those with long-term needs.

These are just some of the things that were being discussed at the roadshow and I was pleased to talk to the Leader of GCC, Cllr Mark Hawthorne, as well as Forest of Dean County Councillors Richard Boyles and Brian Robinson about their priorities for the areas they represent.

Of course, there are challenges GCC must overcome and opportunities they must make the most of in the years ahead, but by being clear about what they want to achieve, they want to ensure everyone in the county reaps the benefits of that success.

If you are interested in contributing your views on GCC’s priorities for the future, you can email and I would encourage people in the Forest of Dean to take part.