Faster Broadband speeds for Forest homes & businesses

Over the last 7 years, Conservatives in Government and on the County Council have been working to help improve rural broadband speeds in the Forest of Dean and across Gloucestershire.

Rural areas have historically missed out on fast broadband speeds, left behind by telecoms companies when investing in new infrastructure, with their focus on larger towns and cities. This is why in 2010, Conservatives in Government began the work to improve broadband connectivity in areas like the Forest of Dean, making Government funding available to improve broadband roll-out.                             

This has been a significant improvement for many around the Forest. Coleford was one of the first areas in the County to benefit from the new fibre broadband roll-out, with other areas still being improved. My local connection speeds went up from slow, dial-up levels to speeds matching the cities after roll-out.

Across the Forest, superfast broadband is now available in over 21,000 more homes and businesses thanks to Conservatives nationally & locally. Superfast broadband will be available for about 80% of households in the Forest by the end of the year. But there is still more to be done. Phase 2 of the roll-out seeks to improve speeds across the county to at least 10Mbps in the next few years – quick enough to download a half-hour TV show in two minutes.

Conservatives are working together to ensure that we have a country that works for everyone, and a digital infrastructure fit for the 21st century.