Conservative Party Conference 2019

This week, the Conservative Party held our annual Party Conference in Manchester, setting out how the Government will continue to strengthen our economy and create opportunity for all.

A lot has been achieved since 2010. To help people with the cost of living, Conservatives have cut income tax for 32 million people, introduced and increased the National Living Wage, extended free childcare, and frozen fuel duty for nine years.

Our balanced approach to the economy means that we are able to deliver the biggest cash boost ever for the NHS. We are investing £33.9 billion more into the NHS by 2023-24, as well as upgrading 20 hospitals around the country – providing new intensive care wards, children’s units, and new mental health facilities. We’re getting a new community hospital here in the Forest.

We are also increasing funding in primary and secondary schools which, for example, will lift per pupil funding in every secondary school to £5,000.

What’s more, Conservatives in Government are putting more money into improving local communities and it is great to see that the Forest of Dean is benefitting from this.

Lydney Harbour is set to receive £2.1 million of taxpayers’ money from the Government’s Coastal Communities Fund. Meanwhile, Cinderford is one step closer to receiving a share of this £1 billion following the expansion of the Future High Streets Fund.

I was very pleased to support both of these funding bids because I believe that they have the potential to enhance the local community, create jobs and increase visitor numbers.

Conservatives will continue to build a stronger and fairer economy that works for everyone, making sure everyone’s hard work is recognised and rewarded.

A Labour government would mean more borrowing, debt and waste – wrecking the economy and leaving working people to pay the price.

In fact, Labour’s latest benefits plan means removing the benefit cap allowing people to get more in benefits than people earn from working.

Only the Conservatives can be trusted to get Brexit done and set out a sound platform on which to govern and deliver the people’s priorities such as levelling up education funding, boosting the NHS and investing in local communities.