Conservative Party Conference

This week, the Conservative Party held its annual Party Conference – hosted this year in Manchester. The key message from Conference was to put forward our plan to build a country that works for everyone.

We need to take a balanced approach to our economy, dealing with our debts to keep the economy strong while also investing in key public services and keeping taxes low for working people. The only way to deliver great public services is to have a strong economy, so it is important that we finish the job of balancing the budget, and don’t put to waste the hard work of the British people since the financial crisis.

We need to make our country a fairer place to live and work, putting the interests of ordinary working people first so how far you go in life depends on your talent and hard work, not your background. In particular it means delivering a brighter future for those starting out in life – because the next generation should always have it better than the last.

We will continue working to get the best Brexit deal for our country, which benefits families across the UK by delivering control over our borders, laws and money, and maintains the greatest possible access to European markets. However people voted in the referendum, the vast majority of people I speak to want us to make a success of Brexit – a key task for the year ahead.

We also want our country to continue leading on the world stage, striking new trade deals across the world, and working with other countries to tackle injustices and problems like climate change, modern day slavery and global poverty.

As a staunch Unionist Party (the full name of the Party is the Conservative & Unionist Party), we will also continue to work to strengthen the bonds between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, protecting our precious Union.

This challenge will not always be easy – those who claim it is are not being straight with people – but together we can deliver a better future and a country that truly works for everyone.